The Sales Process

First, we ensure that there is a fit between our services and your need.
Fit checklist, the more boxes you tick, the better fit we are:

B2B company

1-10M€ in revenue

Revenue growth target 20%+

You help your customers to make the buying decision

Segment: digitalisation related

You want to contact executive level decision makers

1. Prospecting

  • Define your ideal client and choose only one
  • Choose a single service context around which you will approach the ideal client
  • Systematize your prospecting
  • How many prospects have you gotten from sales meetings?
  • Are you contacting old potentials?
  • Are you reviewing your website visitors regularly?
  • How are you using inbound marketing methods?
  • Are you using social media?

2. Contacting

  • Do you have separate people doing contacting for the sales people?
  • Are you contacting the people when they are on their way to work or away from work?
  • Focus on selling the value of the meeting, not the service
  • How do you get into the right state of mind?
  • What kind of information are you gathering from every call?

3. Meeting

  • Do you call the client before the meeting?
  • Do you send the client some open ended questions before the meeting?
  • Do you connect with the client on social media before the meeting?
  • Do you confirm the meeting the same morning by SMS consistantly?
  • Are you strictly following you sales deck or do you use a more natural approach?
  • Do you underpromise and overdeliver?
  • Do you schedule time after the meeting to summarize and send suggestion?
  • Do you reflect on meetings and share insights with other team members?
  • What's your strategy to keep the client warm if they don't buy instantly?

We are trusted by these companies

Vuokko Rekonen
Sales director
Mia-Iris Puhakainen
Customer manager
Kristina Sarén
Sales director
Petri Kiviranta
Lari Tuominen
Jan Hesselberg
Nordics Marketing Manager