The Culture

We have a dream of building a company culture that will still thrive beyond the next 500 years. Our core principles and values will stand the test of time.

We are in the phase of gathering core principles that will never change.
Here is our view as of now:

1. Forgive yourself

It is an art to have compassion towards oneself. Separating actions from who you are as a human being is difficult. After not reaching a goal, you should feel dissatisfaction towards the actions that you have taken and focus on improving actions to get different results in the future.


2. Embrace your imperfections

Feeling shame is not a pleasant thing. Nobody is perfect. Most of us are procrastinating with many decisions in our lives because we strive for perfection. We were procrastinating with the first version of these principles, because we want them to change as seldom as possible. Remember, talking about shame will kill it. It’s not always easy, but I recommend you use it as often as possible.


3. Be proud of yourself

Looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning, chin high and shoulders back, and listing 3-6 things that you are proud of yourself for. Many of us are struggling with the feeling of worthiness. Am I worthy of love, happiness and prosperity? Of course you are. Take time to practice selling your value to yourself. I am great at [insert strength], because I do [insert habit]
and [insert habit].


4. Be vulnerable

Telling someone that you felt ashamed in some situation will put you in a vulnerable state. This is good, because it will strengthen the relationship with the kind of people you want to be associated with. It will also decrease and finally diminish the feeling of shame. The biggest thing people fear is judgement of other people. If nobody is talking about the mistakes they have made or about new crazy ideas in a weekly meeting, we have a problem.


5. Keep your promises to yourself

Keeping promises to yourself is the ultimate self confidence builder. That’s what the word means, right? I am confident in myself that I will follow through. If you are not going to follow through, how can your mind believe in your plans that you are making? “Conquer self, and the victory is yours.” – Plato


6. Sell yourself on your chosen purpose

Many people think that your purpose will find you and hit you like a struck of lightning. I recommend you choose your purpose. Again, don’t try to be perfect and don’t blame who you are if you feel you want to change your purpose later. Choose your purpose and start selling yourself on how you will make an impact in people’s lives by working purposefully every day.


7. Love yourself, everything and everybody

Wake up every morning feeling grateful and thankful for who you are and what you have. Have a loving mindset towards everything and everyone the whole day. Your life is a sum of all the feelings you are experiencing every moment in your life. A loving mindset will increase your life quality and make your life experience more positive. If you find this hard, you probably need to work on principles 1-5.


8. Improve your habits

Building and improving habits isn’t always easy. Your life is greatly defined by your habits. Not the things that you once in a while. One of the basic needs a human being is to feel growth. A great tool for improving habits is writing a daily diary. Take time to go through your day and write it all down. This will increase your awareness of what you are actually using your time too exponentially. It will slowly take you from autopilot in many decision you are making daily to actually choosing a new path in your life.


9. Know your daily 20-mile-march

Many things in life will come, if we take enough action. Action always beats inaction. Most people that don’t grow even close to their potential are most likely not practicing enough. What is it that will keep you on track forward? Are you going to write 500 words every day? Are you going to read 1 book per day? Are you going to paint every day for 2 hours? Are you going to do 100 pushups every day? Commit yourself to your own 20-mile-march.


10. Help others improve their lives

9/10 principles are all about you. That’s because we believe that the better, stronger and healthier you are emotionally and spiritually, the more energy, enthusiasm and purpose you will have to empathically understand other people’s situations, goals and obstacles and find creative solutions to improve their situations.

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