We have developed a unique approach for getting the attention of the busy buyers. We aim to transform the way prospects are approached by focusing on adding value to every interaction.

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Our promise

We guarantee you the meetings that you have not been able to get. We will help you stand out from your competition.

Our human approach

  • We respect the buyers time and thus, get back to them at their most convenient time. We always end the call positively even if the prospect does not want to be contacted.
  • We focus on building trust with the buyer.
  • We present your expertise to your ideal customer and link it to the current megatrends.

  • We dissect the buyer’s challenges into 2-4 concrete issues, which not only allows the buyer to easily follow the dialogue but is also known to attract interest.
  • We always focus on selling your expertise and know-how rather than selling your services during the phone call.

  • We will quickly conceptualize and package your service so that the concrete benefits of the meeting will become apparent to the buyer. / We justify the call by explaining concrete benefits that the buyer will receive during the meeting.
  • We will turn the buyers most typical objections to your advantage.

We are trusted by these companies

Vuokko Rekonen
Sales director
Mia-Iris Puhakainen
Customer manager
Kristina Sarén
Sales director
Petri Kiviranta
Lari Tuominen
Jan Hesselberg
Nordics Marketing Manager