We help B2B sales people meet with & delight seriously busy buyers

Buyers are increasingly bombarded with messages and marketing, making it even more difficult to get their attention. We found a method that'll give you a competitive edge so you're the one they'll schedule a meeting with.

Let’s imagine you are a B2B sales director with a service that clearly stands out from its competition. The board has set substantial sales growth goals and huge bonuses. You have decided to use telephone prospecting as one of the tactics to reach your goals. You are very aware of the challenge it is to get your ideal client’s attention. This is where we can help.

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How to get the busy buyer’s attention

We have developed a unique approach for getting the attention of the busy buyers.

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How to fine tune the sales process

We constantly benchmark our clients sales process to our view and learn from mistakes.

Our view of the sales proces

How to ensure sales people are motivated

Our vision is to create a company and culture that will thrive beyond the next 500 years.

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Trusted clients & partners

We have demonstrated sales growth with our unique method to the following companies

Mia-Iris Puhakainen
Key Account Manager, Peab Invest Oy
+358 41 5011023
Sanna Riquelme
Sales director, Aller Ideas
+358 40 8619261
Antti Hukkanen
CEO, Mainio Tech Oy
+358 50 5650687

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Our method helps you create the small winning edge that will finally lead you to those once in a lifetime sales opportunities.
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